Fatima’s Success story
استان موفقیت خانم پناهی، برنامه EU در غرب افغانستان
د آغلې پناهی بریا کیسې، د EU پروګرام د افغانستان په لویدیځ سیمه کی
6 December 2017



DCA UNODC funded BADILL project
1 December 2017




Success story of a paravet in Ghorian district
داستان موفقیت رحیم؛ واحد ساحوی وترنری در ولسوالی غوریان، ولایت هرات
د رحیم بریا کیسی؛ وترنری سیمه ایز واحد د غوریان ولسوالی په ولسوالی، د هرات ولایت
27 November 2017



Closing of the RADP-South project
15 November 2017




The story of Mrs. Faiza, a successful veterinary entrepreneur
داستان موفقیت فایزه، یک خانم وترنر
د فایزي بریا کیسي، یوه وترنري
19 October 2017



From Matthew Weber, Chief of Party, Chemonics International:
Ever wonder about animal health in a developing country? What does a country like Afghanistan do to take care of their animals in rural areas? One answer we’ve been working on together with the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan has been small veterinary units in rural areas. We’ve put together almost 100 of them! Click to see the story. With a sustainable public private partnership model and mortality rates below 4% in many cases, this model is changing lives for millions of food insecure Afghans. (Posted 17 October 2017)

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DCA in short

140418 logo DCA 2014DCA Livestock Programs is an NGO that is helping the people of Afghanistan to improve their lives by enhancing the health and productivity of their livestock. In Afghanistan, livestock is the engine of the rural economy. About 73% of the Afghan people are living in rural areas, being dependent on livestock and subsistence farming. Improvements therefore in animal health and production directly impact individual quality of life as well as the national economy.
DCA reaches annually more than one million beneficiaries.

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